Free Financial Wellbeing Workshop

Come and join our free Financial Wellbeing Workshop and find out how to make your money go further.


Our Financial Wellbeing Workshop will take place on Monday 29 April. Run by The Money Charity, which has been helping people to improve their financial wellbeing for the past 30 years, it will cover subjects like budgeting, borrowing, savings, debt and the importance of financial resilience. It will also include information about organisations offering free, impartial advice and information. 

The Workshop will be upbeat and non-judgemental and there'll be no assumptions about prior financial knowledge and ability. Why not come and join us?

About the workshop

The Workshop is being held between 12 noon and 2pm on Monday 29 April 2024. It will take place on Zoom so attendees must have digital access via a  smartphone, tablet or laptop.

To register for this free workshop, please email

An email with the link to join the workshop will be sent no later than Friday 26 April, along with a text message from our Financial Wellbeing team confirming that the Zoom link has been sent.  You’ll also receive a reminder text on the day.

Hope to see you there!

The Money Charity is fully independent and impartial and won’t endorse or promote any specific financial products during the workshop or give  individual financial advice.