Stay cool for the summer

As summer fast approaches, it’s a good idea to remember how to keep your homes cool and enjoy the warm weather safely. 

Here’s some top tips for this summer:

Keep it cool
Open your windows to encourage air flow. This will also prevent condensation which can develop into damp and mould. Create a refreshing air flow by opening windows on opposite sides of your home, releasing trapped warm air and letting in cooler air.

Seek the shade
Keep your blinds and curtains closed in the hottest parts of the day (between 12pm and 3pm), especially in any rooms where the sun is shining in. You may want to stay indoors and use fans to keep cool during these hours.

Stay hydrated and protected
Drink lots of water to stop yourself getting dehydrated (and avoid caffeine or alcohol as this can dehydrate you more). You should also wear sunscreen with at least 30 SPF, even on cloudy days, to protect you from the sun.

Embrace a salad
Try not to use your oven or cooker on particularly hot days as they emit a lot of heat during and after usage. It’s a great chance to experiment with cold dishes like salads or hob-only dishes like pasta. Make sure you keep perishable food in the fridge.

Take a shower
If you’re feeling hot, taking a lukewarm shower is the best way to cool your body temperature down. Taking a cold shower will actually get your body to heat up afterwards so a tepid temperature is better.

Keep communal areas safe
Please help us keep your communal outside areas safe by using them sensibly in the summer. This includes not having BBQs as these are a serious fire risk. You should also make sure open windows are kept on the latch so no one can climb through them.