Rent an affordable home with Sage  

Sage homes are high quality, energy efficient and affordable to rent. We work closely with local councils to help people off their housing waiting lists and into a new stable home. 

Sage as a landlord

Sage takes its responsibility as a landlord very seriously. We work closely with our customers to understand their situation and ensure that they’re set up in their home for the long term. As the landlord, we are ultimately responsible for and accountable to, our customers. We also work closely with Housing Association partners to deliver the necessary services to our customers. Our primary partners  Places for People  and Optivo, are very experienced, highly respected and share their customer service performance openly. Like our partners, Sage also publishes its performance in customer service each year in our Customer Annual Report.

Who is eligible?

Although anyone can apply for an affordable house or a housing association home, there are criteria you will need to fit to be offered one to live in. For example, because these homes are for people who need them most, you may find your local council reserves a percentage of the homes it has available for housing the homeless, those in recovery from drug or alcohol abuse, or young mothers. This might mean the waiting list is longer in your area if you don’t fall into the priority categories.  

How do I apply for an affordable home?

You can apply for affordable housing through your local council, which is also known more formally as a local authority (because it’s a government body local to the residents it works for).

Your council provides services in social care, schools, planning, and waste collection, but as part of its work, a council will also allocate housing, so you can apply for a home through its website or by contacting them on the phone. 

You need to be registered with your local council, who will assess your housing need. They may house you, give you a banding and bidding number for a waiting list, or advise you of alternative options.