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Shared Ownership in Bedfordshire

Shared Ownership Bedfordshire


A county known for its picturesque villages and history dating all the way back to the 9th century, Bedfordshire is a location that boasts countryside charm. Nestled between Cambridge in the East and Luton in the South, Bedfordshire is an oasis of green space, lush golf courses and rolling farmland. Well connected to both the capital, Cambridge and Oxford, this quiet county is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city living while being well connected, providing easy access to the airport, London St Pancras and various motorways. 


Buying a home through Shared Ownership in Bedfordshire is a great way to lay down roots in this idyllic county. - from family-friendly 2 - 3 bedroom houses to contemporary 1 - 2 bedroom apartments, 


Bedfordshire - quiet surroundings, endless space


Living within the city can take its toll - whether you're escaping the traffic, the queues or hustle and bustle of the capital, Bedfordshire's balance of countryside views and cosmopolitan culture could be ideal for you.  Situated on the cusp of the Chiltern Hills, Bedfordshire is a sparsely populated location making the villages dotted around the county friendly, close and a heartland for community spirit. From Ampthill atop Greensand Ridge, to Astwick and its quaint parishes, Bedfordshire is awash with history and beauty. The area is also home to Barton Hills National Nature Reserve, Dunstable Downs and Stockgrove County Park, perfect hotspots for picnics and weekend jaunts. More adventurous day trips include Woburn Safari Park, ZSL Whipsnade Zoo and even a local gliding club where you can gaze down at beautiful Bedfordshire from above.


Bedfordshire is a well connected commuter county


You certainly won’t be let down by the connectivity and transport options that are available in this county. With Bedford Train Station zipping you to London in less than 45 minutes, the commute to the capital is breezy. The M1, A1, A5 and A6 all pass through the area, with Luton Airport situated less than a 40 minute drive. Bedfordshire is a county close enough to the capital to make it a winner amongst young professionals, as well as families that are looking to settle down in a countryside setting with plenty of space, good schools and a safe community.

Shared Ownership Bedfordshire: How could it help you?


Shared Ownership is a ‘part buy, part rent’ way of owning your own home for a smaller upfront payment – making it easier for buyers to get on the property ladder.


So, what does ‘Shared Ownership’ mean? When buying a Shared Ownership home, initially you can buy anywhere between 25% and 75% of the home. You would take out a mortgage for the share you are buying, or in some cases you can be a cash buyer. On the outstanding percentage of the property that you don’t yet own, you pay a subsidised rent. The combined monthly mortgage and rent payments are often less than if you were to buy the home outright and can sometimes be less than if you were renting.


 Shared Ownership makes buying your dream home a quicker and easier process in sought after locations such as Bedfordshire.

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