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At Sage Homes, one of our three values is 'Home for everyone'. We want to make sure we have a welcoming workplace where everyone feels safe and like they belong.




At Sage Homes, we are:

  • Active members of the Inclusive Employers network, helping us prioritise inclusion 
  • Members of Women in Social Housing, providing support and networking opportunity to Sage Homes women 
  • Supporting mental health with free counselling via MyndUp, an Employee Assistance programme and mental health ambassadors across our business

We also have the colleague-led Sage Together initiative with wellbeing and diversity & inclusion sub-committees. These empower everyone at Sage Homes to have a voice, sharing experience and ideas to help us all continuously learn and improve. 

- Pictured: Sage Homes employees getting ready for a sleep-out event to help tackle homelessness among young people 

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