Mutual exchange application

Do you want to apply for a mutual exchange? You can find out more below.

What you need to know

Please make sure that you visit the property you're interested in to check its general condition. You should be happy to take the property as you see it.

Application process

To apply for a mutual exchange please email

The application processing timescale is 42 days - this is the deadline for us to approve or decline the application, not the exchange completion deadline. 

Once an application has been received from all parties we'll check to see if you're both eligible before we can proceed. If you are eligible, we'll arrange for an inspection to be carried out in our property to ensure that it's in good condition and that there's no damage or alterations that need to be addressed.  We'll let you know of any work that must be completed before the exchange can go ahead. We'll also:

  • Send a copy of the property report to your exchange partner
  • Request a reference from your exchange partner’s housing provider
  • Send a reference to your proposed new housing provider

Things to think about

Decorative condition of the property

The general décor should be clean and finished to a reasonable standard.  The incoming tenant accepts responsibility for the decorative condition at the time of the property handover.

Gifted items

A ‘gifted item’ is something that will be transferred from the outgoing customer to the incoming customer for them to own and take responsibility for (this needs to be agreed).  Items that are gifted include but are not limited to:

  • Carpets and flooring, curtain poles, window nets, fitted blinds and pelmets
  • Non-standard electrical installations such as light fittings (subject to testing safe)
  • Garden improvements

Customers are not permitted to ‘gift’ freestanding gas or solid fuel powered appliances such as cookers, wood burners, BBQs and fire pits


If you have pets you must ensure that any external areas are cleared of pet care items and that preventative flea treatment is applied to the pet(s) and the property prior to vacating the premises. Pet damage should be rectified prior to vacating the premises. Any issues or concerns arising from pets being kept in the property not declared by the outgoing tenant will become the responsibility of the incoming customer to resolve.

It is illegal to offer or accept an incentive (monetary or other) to make an exchange happen.  If we find or suspect that any incentives have been offered amongst the interested parties we will cancel the application and investigate the concerns.  

If you suspect that there is any illegal or fraudulent activity occurring to progress an exchange application, please contact us at

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