Animal nuisance

When is animal behaviour antisocial? Find out more below.

Dangerous dogs

If you're in fear for your safety or the safety of others, you must report dangerous dogs to the police as an emergency.

Legally, any breed or type of dog can be considered dangerous in any place if not kept under control. The dog doesn’t have to bite anyone but if he or she is aggressive and making people fearful then this is a dangerous dog.

This initially needs to be reported to the police. Once you've made your report, please complete our form here or go to our customer portal. You'll need to tell us the incident/crime reference number and the officer's details so that we can get in touch with them and we'll then work with you to agree the appropriate next steps.

Dog/s barking

If you have concerns about the welfare of a dog or animal, please contact the RSPCA.

For dog barking to be considered antisocial, it must be persistent and unreasonable - lasting for continuous periods of over 30 minutes a day for at least 5 days over one week. If this is happening and you prefer not to talk to them directly, you can download and use our Dear Neighbour postcard.  If you don't feel safe approaching them, or you've tried and things haven't improved, please contact us and we'll give you to access to an ASB app. You'll then be able to submit evidence of the noise so we can follow up.

  • If the situation doesn't improve, you could try mediation to help you and your neighbour reach an amicable agreement. Please contact us and we'll refer you.

Dogs fouling

If you come across this, we recommend that you speak to your neighbour to make them aware of their responsibility as a dog owner. Please do this calmly, politely and in a friendly manner. If you prefer not to talk to them directly, you can download and use our Dear Neighbour postcard. If you feel unable to do this, you can make a report:

  - If the dog fouling has happened on Sage Homes land, please contact us.

 - If the offence took place in a public area such as the pavement or park, please contact your local authority.