Sage Housing sponsors Lifeshare's breakfast project

Sage will be sponsoring Lifeshare’s city centre Weekend Breakfast Project. This project is staffed by dedicated volunteers and opens each Saturday and Sunday to provide hot meals, dry clothes, wellbeing packs, and a regular point of contact and support for some of Manchester’s most vulnerable people.

Over a typical month, the Breakfast Project can see up to 1,000 meals provided between the hot meal service and takeaway lunches provided. This vital support is key to helping ensure the wellbeing and health of the people of Manchester and continued throughout the COVID19 pandemic as a humanitarian aid project.

A spokesperson for Lifeshare said: “Sage’s generous support will fund our city centre Breakfast located at the Nexus Art Cafe at 2 Dale street for the next 12-months, covering rent, volunteer expenses, and food costs. Lifeshare is incredibly grateful to receive this support which will help provide thousands of meals to those in need.”