Our impact

We’re creating homes for the future. We can have a huge social impact simply by delivering energy efficient homes and helping customers and communities develop new skills and ways of living. 

Getting involved as a Sage Homes colleague

At Sage Homes you can: 

  • Take up to two days paid volunteering leave to support charities close to your heart 
  • Have your charity fundraising challenges match-funded (up to £1,000)
  • Join the Cycle to Work Scheme (or green pension options) and reduce your carbon impact 
  • Share ideas on reducing our environmental impact or increasing our social value with the ESG team. 


Sustainability is at the core of our three-year roadmap. Our energy efficient homes use less energy, meaning reduced carbon emissions – and lower energy bills for customers. 97% of our homes have Energy Performance Certificate ratings of A or B.

Social impact

Social impact is at the heart of what we do. We deliver affordable housing to those most in need. We also support those communities, providing financial guidance and building partnerships to help customers develop their life skills.