Our teams

Making good homes available for people all over England requires a wide variety of talent, skill and experience. We need people who are prepared to put in the work and explore every opportunity to help our customers.

Take a look at the teams that make up Sage Homes. 

Financing homes

To provide good homes, we need the financing to buy them. We need people who are adept with numbers and ready to explore new possibilities. 

These colleagues are driven by solving financial puzzles, working with investors and securing new funding.

Acquiring homes

Our homes have to be good quality. We need people who are tenacious and bold, working closely with developers. 

These colleagues are passionate about driving deals, pushing for quality and building great external relationships. 

Providing homes

To deliver homes on time, we need to be organised. We need people who are timely, able to build great relationships with developers and get homes ready for our customers to move into. 

These colleagues can spin plates with the best of them, making sure we communicate with developers and deliver. 

Selling homes

Helping customers find their new home. We need sales people who think differently, using their backgrounds and skills to help us reach new customers. 

These colleagues are able to make great deals while making sure new customers feel supported, happy and cared for. 

Supporting customers

We make our customers feel safe. We need people who are willing to challenge convention to find new ways of working with our customers. 

These colleagues are able to embrace new ideas in order to help people, focusing on making sure customers have an easy, impactful experience. 

Supporting Sage Homes

Our corporate teams help us run smoothly. We need people who are dedicated and versatile, bringing experience and enthusiasm across legal, finance, IT, marketing and HR. 

These colleagues need to be able to jump on fast-moving projects when required, helping Sage Homes keep their momentum. 

Opportunities are created by those who challenge convention. We want people itching to explore new possibilities and find new potential in their careers. Sound interesting? We might be the organisation for you. 

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