Drunk or rowdy behaviour

This behaviour could be considered a criminal offence and needs to be reported to the police. There's more guidance below.

Please call 999 if an incident is taking place and people are at risk

Once you've made your report, please please contact us here or go to our customer portal. We'll need the incident/crime reference number and the investigating officer's details. We'll then work with you and the police to agree the appropriate next steps. 

When the behaviour continues

If the behaviour is ongoing (it happens more than once in a 6-month period), we encourage you to speak to the person causing the issue. Please stay polite and calm – they may not be aware that their behaviour is affecting you. 

If you don't feel safe approaching them, or you've tried and the situation has not improved, please contact us. We can give you access to an ASB app so you can submit evidence of the behaviour.

If a group is involved our actions may be limited if the identities of members of the group are unknown and there are no lines of enquiry to identify them.