Find out what fly-tipping is below and what can be done about it.

About fly-tipping

We define fly-tipping as: 

  • The unlawful dumping of liquid or solid waste on land or in water
  • Mismanagement or misuse of waste facilities
  • Deposit of bulky items such as furniture (eg, bed frames and sofas). Please refer to your local authority waste department’s website for details around removal and disposal of bulky waste

Sage Homes land
Where you have identified bulky items that have been fly-tipped, please raise a ASB request on our portal, attaching a photograph if possible so we can arrange removal. Fly-tipping or storage of bulky items within designated parking areas is not permitted and the perpetrator will be charged for any removals.

Public land
If the item/s are on land owned by the local authority, please report it to them to arrange removal.

Private land not owned by Sage Homes
Fly-tipping on privately owned land is the responsibility of the landowner and not Sage Homes.