Report a repair

Report a defect

Sage is introducing a new system called Clixifix, to help you log and track defects within your Defect Liability Period (DLP). Please note your DLP starts when your home is handed over from the builder to Sage, not when you move in. This means the 12-month period may already be running or have expired when you get your keys. You can find your DLP end date in your welcome letter.

Clixifix will allow you to:

* Log, track, and manage your defects through a user-friendly platform with direct contact to the defects team

* Use your Clixifix portal to quickly raise issues and upload images and videos instantly

* Monitor every stage of the defects process including communication with our contractors

* Notify the defects team instantly with updates or when works have been completed

If you have access to the Sage online portal, when you next log in you will see the link to Clixifix where you can set up a new account for reporting on defects. We will send invitations to you for accessing Clixifix from the end of March, so you can create a login and password. Once the system has launched, you will need to wait for your invitation email to access your account to report defects. For defect emergencies during office hours (9am-5:30pm Monday-Friday), please call the Defects Team on 0203 906 6541.

Please note that this is for defects only (during your 12-month DLP) and not for general repairs.

Shared Ownership and Affordable Rent Customers

Shared Ownership Customers

If you are a shared owner within your DLP and have an emergency out of hours issue, please call our support team on 020 3780 8742.

If you are a shared owner outside of your DLP, you are responsible for repairs and maintenance to your home including emergencies. Please arrange for the relevant trade to attend and assist you.

Affordable Rent Customers 

If you are a rental customer, you can contact Places for People on 01772 666214 for any emergency repairs or repairs after your DLP has ended.

Whether you part-own or rent from Sage, if there is a major incident such as a flood, fire, or structural issue with your home or in the surrounding area, please call 01772 666214 and notify the emergency services if appropriate.